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Back Porch Writer Welcomes Author

Paulette Agnew


Paulette loves books, wilderness and making ancient spiritual truths applicable to all ages in daily life, bringing all these together in her Datatraya series. Paulette had an unusual childhood, growing up in Cumbria and in Scotland. Born of rock climbing and mountaineering parents her every spare moment was spent outdoors. Dirty, often barefoot and left to run free, and later on horseback, her activities and formative years of learning were dictated by the seasons, by raw nature and through the animals around her home, both domesticated and wild.

About the book:

Traya’s Quest reveals 24 teachers in nature who share with our young adventurer Traya, the most ancient life lessons. We gain the answers to the big questions we all face: What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose?

Free from ego Traya sees the world as it should be experienced: pure, uncluttered, light filled and alive. Join Traya as he learns from the animals, elements and even the celestial beings as they guide him along his dharma or spiritual path.

Captivating, illuminating, fulfilling, Trayas Quest gives us the keys to our happiness, connection to Source and a life of profound personal power. Never before has a book been more timely and appropriate for all generations. Every page has hidden meanings, secrets, wisdom and childlike clarity. Somehow the author has managed to condense and simplify complex universal truths and deliver them in a beautiful and easily digestible manner. Paulette Agnew’s writing style touches the heart and soul of the reader with its joyful and highly imaginative prose and glorious illustrations.

Prepare to be enthralled, delighted, and transformed. Deep down we all know there is more to life and something better, more nourishing that feeds our inner most self.









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Check out Kori’s latest book in the Dezeray Jackson Mystery-Thriller series!

About the book:

PI Dezeray Jackson specializes in uncovering secrets and she won’t stop until she discovers the truth.

When private investigator Dezeray Jackson accepts accused murderer, James Keeney as a client, she initiates an investigation of the victim’s family, who were all cleared during the original inquiry several years before. As Dez gets closer to the truth, she uncovers secrets that, if revealed, will devastate the victim’s husband and brother. But with little time remaining to clear her client of a murder charge, Dez must identify the real killer, or watch an innocent man spend the rest of his life in prison.

North Downing: A Dezeray Jackson Novel is book 2 in Kori D. Miller’s exciting mystery-thriller series. If you enjoy Evanovich, Grafton, or Muller, then you’ll love getting to know PI Dezeray Jackson. She’s smart, sassy, and has a penchant for good-looking men, a great game of pool, weapons, and unraveling secrets.

North Downing Ebook cvr Final


Available on Amazon

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