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Back Porch Writer Welcomes YOU!

Our new day and time is Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. CDT


My hair is much longer now. Time for an updated head shot, huh?

Wow! It’s 2017 and I don’t know about you, but I’m hittin’ the ground running! School is in full swing, and I’m writing On Your Six, the third book in the Dezeray Jackson series. With three classes, plus a TA gig, substitute teaching, family, our tea business, and unfinished construction, I’m busy! Actually, it’s more like incredibly productive and happy.

This year marks my first purchase of an Apple product! Why the change? It was the only way I could try Vellum. That is one slick piece of software. So, I have my school/work computer and my writing computer. Soon, I’ll relocate to the official Ardent Path communication studio. It’s been a long time comin’!

As predicted though, it’s time for a schedule change for the Back Porch Writer show. Our new day and time is Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. CDT. If you’d like to join me for a chat, please contact me at info(at)backporchwriter(dot)com. You aren’t able to schedule through Calendly from January – the first week in April, 2017; I’m hosting authors from the Brain to Books Cyber Convention. After that ends, I’ll update the Calendly calendar. (Say that 3x fast!)

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I hope your year is happy, and that you achieve those things that are important to you!

Happy New Year!


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Check out Kori’s latest book in the Dezeray Jackson Mystery-Thriller series!

About the book:

PI Dezeray Jackson specializes in uncovering secrets and she won’t stop until she discovers the truth.

When private investigator Dezeray Jackson accepts accused murderer, James Keeney as a client, she initiates an investigation of the victim’s family, who were all cleared during the original inquiry several years before. As Dez gets closer to the truth, she uncovers secrets that, if revealed, will devastate the victim’s husband and brother. But with little time remaining to clear her client of a murder charge, Dez must find the real killer, or watch an innocent man spend the rest of his life in prison.

North Downing: A Dezeray Jackson Novel is book 2 in Kori D. Miller’s exciting mystery-thriller series. If you enjoy Evanovich, Grafton, or Muller, then you’ll love getting to know PI Dezeray Jackson. She’s smart, sassy, and has a penchant for good-looking men, a great game of pool, weapons, and unraveling secrets.

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