EP: #202 Biographer Dalene Bickel, Amazon and Google Play

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You can listen to the show here.

Guest Dalene Bickel shared great insights about creating legacies for your family. As a biographer she’s able to interview her clients, or accept a manuscript they’ve written, and offer the necessary editing. Check her out at Lasting Legacies.

Amazon recently announced the opening of a physical book shop in Seattle. It looks like reviews still will be an important part of the process if you hope to get your books into the new store. One cool thing they’re doing differently is placing all the books face out so that customers can see the covers. They are also including how many stars a book received and a customer review.

Google Play is opening up to podcasters! I’ll be checking out for Back Porch Writer and my new podcast, the Womanly Art of Self-Defense launching Jan. 2016.

*** I’ll be hosting another Create the Life You Want show soon to re-address habits. Look for details on the Meet You at the Mic page.


In 2016, I’m also launching a new course specifically designed to help you create the life you want. It’s not just about achieving your writing and publishing goals; It’s about creating and maintaining a lasting change. ¬†More later, I promise!

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