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Why do you host the Back Porch Writer podcast?

It all started because I wanted to become a better writer, learn more about publishing, and to connect with other authors on a similar path. I live with my family in the country, about thirty minutes from Omaha, Ne and an hour from Lincoln, NE. The closest town is about five minutes from me, and is roughly 25k people (not including the surrounding area — that would bump it to about 35K, I think.) Since I couldn’t attend conferences and workshops (because of other commitments) I thought hosting a podcast would be a great alternative. I love giving authors a platform to tell people about themselves, their books, and their journey.

Do you receive payment for recommending books, websites, apps, or anything else in your tips section?

BPW is an affiliate for Booklaunch.io, Blog Talk Radio, Amazon, ALLi (through my personal connection), and iTunes, so you might see a few affiliate links. Other than these, I don’t receive any payment for creating the show each week.

What’s the size of your audience?

Blog Talk Radio tracks this for me. At present (07/2016) I can say that the BPW show has more than 19K listens. Listens are interpretted as downloads. Blog Talk Radio began using Cortex in 2016. Now the numbers for all shows are more accurate than before, and don’t include rubbish to inflate them. My audience is small, but continues to grow.

How do I suggest a tip, book, website, app, or show topic?

Complete this contact form:

Please don’t use the above form to request an interview.

I want to be a guest! How do I do that?

You can book the Wednesday that best fits your schedule! Visit here and follow the instructions. You should receive an automated confirmation email. If you don’t, then please follow-up with me @backporchwriter on Twitter.

After I schedule an interview, what do you need?

Once your interview date is scheduled, you’ll need to send the following one (1) week before your interview:

  • 1 headshot (Please label this with your first and last name.)

Note: No sunglasses unless this is part of your persona, because you’re using a pseudonym. If you’re using a pseudonym, I suggest that you create an avatar. This image can be used in place of your real headshot. Be sure to communicate this with me. If there are existing pictures of you available via the internet, I’ll snag one. If you don’t want that to happen, let me know.

  • 1 book cover image (Please label this with the name of your book. Avoid abbreviations.)
  • A 5-8 sentence bio.

Note: If I don’t receive the required items at least one day prior to your scheduled interview, then I will cancel your interview.

If I miss my scheduled interview, can I reschedule?

I understand that life happens. I’ve got kids, a husband, businesses to run, volunteer responsibilities, and a budding author career. Please contact me as soon as possible. Chances are, there won’t be any dates available right away. I appreciate your patience. If you don’t contact me within a reasonable amount of time, or you’re simply MIA, and then contact me much later, you won’t be invited back to the show.

Contact me directly via: @BackPorchWriter. 

How do I write a guest post for BPW?

If you’d like to write a guest post, send me an email that includes a  500-800-word article. Any writing-related topic is welcome. A word doc. works great. If you have images that you’d like me to use, send them along. You can add your 3 sentence bio at the end, a headshot, your book image or company logo. If I decide to use your post, I’ll let you know!

How can I learn more about the show host?

The short answer? Google. The longer answer? You can visit Kori D. Miller, YouTube, or listen to the show.

Do you review books?

No, I don’t. Please don’t send me your book. I read most things on my Kindle and usually only read mystery/thrillers/suspense or MG adventure in my limited downtime. (I do listen to several non-fiction books on a variety of topics.)

What happens to the books that authors send to you?

If you decide to send me a book, then I’ll use it for giveaways, or give it to a local library or school on your behalf.

Is Back Porch Writer hiring?

No, though it would be awesome to have a little help or possibly a guest co-host once in a while.

Please use the contact form on this page if you have unanswered questions. I’ll typically respond within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Thank you! Kori