Guest Spots

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Are you an author trying to get the word out about your books? Are you a book blogger? Do you blog about a specific genre? Do you publish your work through your website? Are you a subject matter expert (SME)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then BPW is the place for you. This is the show for writers, about writers, and writing. We talk about you, your writing, and your life. We talk about your expertise. Guest spots fill quickly, so get in touch today!


Complete this form to schedule your guest spot on BPW. Read the rest of this page, and the FAQ page before you complete the form.

After you’ve scheduled your interview, please send the following items 1 week before your interview date to

  • 1 headshot (Please label it with your first and last name) Size requirement: 600 x 450

  • 1 book cover image or logo (Please label with the book title/company name) Size requirement: 600 x 450 

  • A third person bio of 5-8 sentences. This is used for the Blog Talk Radio show pages to promote your interview.

The call in number is: 646-716-5063

A reminder email won’t be sent. Please write your interview date down.


You must call into the show 5 minutes before we go live. This allows us to check our audio levels and make sure that there aren’t any sound issues. You will be placed on hold for the first 5 minutes of the show so that I can do the intro and general announcements.

If I don’t receive your information at least one day before your scheduled interview , then I will cancel your interview.

A landline provides the best audio quality, but you also can use Skype or your cell phone (be sure you have a strong signal and stay in one spot!)

A few suggestions:

  • Listen to the show. Become a fan!

  • Help promote the show.

Something to know:

When I see you promote, then I promote. Tag me on Twitter.

Reach out to me @backporchwriter on Twitter if you have questions that aren’t either answered on this page, or the FAQ page. Thank you!